TM Teachers’ strong desire for Vedic Living

John and Linda Cogger, both TM Teachers, commenced their Maharishi Sthapatya Veda Consultation in 2006, however it was not until 2008 that they decided to look for land in the Maleny community in the hinterland behind the well known Sunshine Coast, Queensland. They had a strong desire to move from the busy city life of […] Read more

Maharishi School Expands Upward

The Maharishi School of the Age of Enlightenment in Melbourne has been progressing rapidly in recent years and future enrolments are increasing. The land space at the current site is fully utilised and although negotiations to secure additional adjoining land are underway progress has been slow. Accordingly, to accommodate the increasing number of students it […] Read more

Following their Vastu Dream

Yasmin and Cheryl had a clear vision of the Vastu home they wanted. It would be in a relaxed coastal semi rural area with space to enjoy nature. The 4014m² lot they purchased in Torquay, close to where Yasmin grew up, has a good number of gum trees left on the land and the elevated […] Read more

Designer Semi -Tropical Vastu Home

Dr Lee Fergusson and Dr Anna Bonshek have completed their unique Vastu home located on the outskirts of the Australian Gold Coast in Queensland. The following article has been written by Lee and Anna and gives a wonderful insight into the joys and benefits of building in accordance with Maharishi Vedic Architecture. “Finishing our Maharishi […] Read more