Modern, eco friendly Maharishi Vastu home in New Zealand

This modern Maharishi Vastu home in South Auckland is home to Peta and Joe Davy and their two sons. The home incorporates many eco friendly features encouraged by Maharishi Vastu such as natural, non-toxic materials, good solar gain, natural ventilation and solar power. “At its northern end, it overlooks the green hillocks of the Lost […] Read more

March 2017 update on Maharishi Vastu in Australia

This is an update on the changes in the past year;in the Australian Maharishi Vastu Consultation Service andMaharishi Vastu homes completed, under construction and in the earlier stages of Consultations such as Site Selection.In Honour of Mike LyonsMany of you already know that our dear friend and much loved, admired and respected colleague, Mike Lyons, […] Read more